STAGE 1 - The Grind

When we start the business we're grinding, working 12-15 hour days and that's totally necessary to get business off the ground fast.


That grinding "season" is only supposed to be a season....a window of time where you are doing what is necessary to get to the next level...

And during that season you are supposed to build up enough momentum and reserves to "graduate" to that next level...which is where you start building a TEAM.

Which brings us to...

STAGE 2 - Building a Team

But most people don't. As a result, they end up burning themselves out and resenting the very thing that they were passionate about in the very beginning.

Next, their excitement typically dies and that light of passion that was burning so bright eventually burns out, sending them into a downward spiraling tailspin until they just crash - only to become a statistic on the board of entrepreneurs that "once were".

This prevents them from reaching the 3rd stage of Entrepreneurship which I like to call...

STAGE 3 - Impact

In this stage, you've built a team that is going to help you grow to where you want to go! This is a place where you are working for more than just your own goals, but the goals of the organization. In this stage of entrepreneurship, you are focused on impacting the lives of others.

When your focus is on building a TEAM the mentality completely changes. You accept that grinding is only supposed to be a season and then you graduate to leading others.

You stop working IN the business and start working ON the business...

When you have a TEAM that can help you get to where you want to go, life and business become more fulfilling!

You get to focus on the BIG picture goals instead of the small minutia that's easy to get tangled up in each day.

As a result, you'll start setting bigger goals and in the end, accomplishing BIGGER things, which allows you to grow at a much faster rate!

We have experienced incredible growth over this last quarter and it’s these principles that helped us grow to go where we want to go!

This is what's possible when shifting your mentality from working a JOB to building a TEAM!

These are the principles that I teach in Instant Deal Secrets...

I show you how to take something that used to be a GRIND and show you how to build a team and not a job!

We show you how to remove yourself from the minutia of "grinding for dollars" and build a business that is thriving for dollars!

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