Smarter lead generation for serious investors.

Discover how to finally have the BEST real estate deals in your market come to you, without the headaches of old, outdated methods like driving around endlessly for hours or knocking on doors. FlipTEAM members get results because they focus all their time on what moves the needle, so they can reach their goals faster with less effort.

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FlipTEAM helps you to easily grow and deploy a real estate street team in minutes!

Imagine having 10, 50, or even 100+ people scouring the streets sending you the best investment properties in your area daily. Now, you can get to the best deals in your area before the competition even knows they exist!

Systematize how you run your street team using a proven system.


Attract Property Locators

Build a team, not a job! Our unique system allows you to grow a team of Property Locators while you sleep! Now you can attract hundreds of motivated property finders eager to bring YOU deals without a single conversation.


Automated Training

Our unique, automated training funnel gets Property Locators up to speed within 24-48 hours and then they are ready to start submitting properties. Property Locators are trained to seek out the hottest properties in your area that you can then flip for the highest profits!


Get Motivated Sellers

Once properties start coming in, with one click, you can get highly-accurate Seller contact information. Every property that is submitted will be tagged with the Property Locator that submitted the lead so you will always know who is submitting the best opportunity! Next, the system then goes to work following up with the seller FOR YOU, through a combination of voicemails, texts, and emails. All these things are designed to help you reach sellers faster and do more deals!


Become a Success Story

Jason Lavender
Harmony Home Buyers

"This is a very cohesive, well thought out system and is very simple to use. We just secured our first deal from it and will make right around $35,000."

Dani Lynn Robinson

“We invested in FlipTEAM because, as all investors should, we always evaluate time vs. money, and without this software, we realized it would take too long to build a team of Property Locators. We just closed our first deal and will make right around $29,000. So, for anyone else who is interested in this program ask yourself the same question – which is more important to you, time vs. money? This a powerful marketing tool and is very simple to use.”

Freedom Home Buyers

"Since we started with FlipTEAM we already closed 3 deals, and have currently 1 under contract and 2 sent offers. Amazing! "


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