The Tools To Help You Get To Your First or Next Deal.

FlipTEAM helps the average investor save 50 hours a week (or more) by automating "Non-Income Generating Activities", which allows them to close more deals faster with less effort.


The Tools To Help You Scale

Automated Recruiting.

Copy & paste our proven methods to attract people excited to submit the hottest properties in your area! Next, our automated training then shows them what to look for and where to look, which is based on the information you will have entered into the FlipTEAM system.    

Industry Leading Skiptracing.

Next, with the click of a button, within seconds you will have everything you need to reach the seller, without subscribing to multiple expensive software platforms or waiting hours to get the info you need right now! Having access to InstantSKIP™ is like having X-Ray Vision for real estate!

Follow-Up Automation.

Eliminate lost opportunities with our automated seller marketing sequences. Once a property is skip-traced, FlipTEAM goes to work following up with the seller FOR YOU, through a combination of voicemails, texts, and emails. Then, all you have to do to get your next deal is to simply answer the phone or reply to an email. Easy enough?

Store and Manage Leads.

Store all of your motivated seller leads in one place. FlipTEAM™ is built out on the popular Podio platform, so it's easy to use, complete with a downloadable smartphone app that allows you to access leads easily while on the go.

Streamlined Communication.

All of the communication with your Property Locator street team is streamlined and automated. With every home address that a Property Locator submits, FlipTEAM will keep them updated on progress, so you don't have to! No calls, no stress.

FlipTEAM is Your REI Business In a Box

Grow a deal producing street team on autopilot
Contact Sellers with one click
Scale your business with targeted leads
100% money back guarantee
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Deal Conversion Made Simple.

2-Way Seller Communication
One-off text and email blasts
Customizable Follow Up Sequences
Trigger Follow-Ups with a Click
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"This is a very cohesive, well thought out system and is very simple to use. We just secured our first deal from it and will make right around $35,000."

Jason Lavender, Harmony Home Buyers