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(Without having to spend hours "driving for dollars" or time on tasks that don't produce income!)

Gig Economy Script

Discover The 3 Sentence "Magic Script" that will have people BEGGING to bring the BEST real estate leads in your area right now... and for ZERO cost!!

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"No, I Haven't Driven For Dollars This Week; I've Been Meaning To!"

If you have ever found yourself saying this, then you're not alone. Many real estate investors and wholesalers have struggled to find time to "grind for dollars" before joining our TeamBuilder Community, but now they don't have to! Yep, it's the truth. With FlipTEAM™, you no longer have to stress over trying to fit driving for dollars into your busy schedule. Instead, you can grow a team of hungry gig-economy scouts that drive for you so that you can focus on activities that matter most, turning great leads into high-profit deals!

“It’s difficult to beat free leads and FlipTEAM has devised a way that empowers the investor to build an army of people who are trained at looking for properties that meet your criteria. Once it's set up it’s on autopilot.”

Philip Blake – Stride Home Buyers


Systematize how you run your street team using a proven system.


Grow a Street TEAM While You Sleep! 

Automatically attract hundreds of motivated property finders eager to bring YOU deals without a single conversation.


Save Time With Automatic Training.

Our unique, automated training platform gets Property Locators submitting properties within just 1-2 days! FlipTEAM ensures Property Locators are trained to seek out the hottest opportunities in your area that you can flip for the highest profits!


Motivated Sellers Pouring Into Your Inbox Within 24 Hours.

Once properties start flowing from your Property Locators, FlipTEAM goes to work contacting the seller FOR YOU, through a 3-step marketing process...but we don't stop there. We then give you exactly what to say to the Sellers to ensure a quick and easy conversation, so that you can convert leads to deals like clockwork every time.


FlipTEAM Can Help You

Save Time
Simplify Your Marketing
Reach Sellers Faster
Fill Your Pipeline With Motivated Sellers
Streamline Follow-Up
Convert Leads to Deals

Become a Success Story

Jason Lavender
Harmony Home Buyers

"This is a very cohesive, well thought out system and is very simple to use. We just secured our first deal from it and will make right around $35,000."

Dani Lynn Robinson

“We invested in FlipTEAM because, as all investors should, we always evaluate time vs. money, and without this software, we realized it would take too long to build a team of Property Locators. We just closed our first deal and will make right around $29,000. So, for anyone else who is interested in this program ask yourself the same question – which is more important to you, time vs. money? This a powerful marketing tool and is very simple to use.”

Freedom Home Buyers

"Since we started with FlipTEAM we already closed 3 deals, and have currently 1 under contract and 2 sent offers. Amazing! "

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