Now the headline to this post might come off as a little bit...shocking to the real estate community. However, I firmly believe that if you are driving for dollars right now in your business, then you need to, but more on that in a minute.

However, I can tell you that if you ignore my advice and you continue to repeat what you are doing now, then you will have a VERY hard time growing from a small, income-producing hobby into a REAL business.

How do I know this? I did it too and I'll share my journey with you in the paragraphs below...

Why I Stopped Driving For Dollars

When I first started in real estate I drove for dollars too and while it was a great lead source I had a hard time scaling it or doing deals consistently for one very important reason...

I was doing everything myself. I, like most people starting out, didn't have the time to consistently drive for dollars.

That one word "consistently" is the number one reason why beginning investors struggle to grow their businesses. They are doing everything from driving for dollars to finding the seller's contact information to calling on leads, making offers, following up on those offers, preparing paperwork to secure said offers, coordinating the closing, etc...the list goes on and on.  

Whew, that was an exhausting list. I literally got tired just from typing all of that, but back to my story...

So, between all of that how in the world can anyone drive for dollars and grow a real business?

How I Leveraged Property Locators To Outsource Driving For Dollars And Overcame The Challenges I Experienced Along The Way

Enter....the Property Locator.

Let me tell you a quick story about the time I almost burned myself out spending HOURS driving for dollars, countless days speaking with people that just wanted to "pick my brain", trying to juggle training people to find vacant house leads for my company, working a day job and while trying to run a successful business all at the same time.

At that time I was trying to streamline the property locator lead generation process. I was struggling with taking ME out of the lead generation process. And I was getting more and more overwhelmed and exhausted.

Then...I had a crazy idea - the one thing that could be the solution to all of my problems!

I said to myself..."What if I could advertise driving for dollars as an opportunity and pay people to do it for me...but only if they brought me a lead that converted to revenue for my company?"

At that moment I felt like Edison when he first invented the lightbulb...

I was onto something and that single idea, while unknown to me at the time, would soon lay the foundation for what would become FlipTEAM™...

But, like Edison's many trials with the lightbulb, this journey that I started on didn't come without some obstacles, along with A LOT of trial and error along the way...

So, I put my marketing background to use and came up with a unique way to advertise this opportunity...and it worked really well.

In fact, it worked too well. See when I came up with this advertising plan I didn't take into consideration, how I would field all of the calls that would soon come in from people wanting to sign up for my "vacant house finder" opportunity...

Did I mention that I put my personal cell phone in these advertisements? Yeah...I thought I was only going to get a handful of calls...easy to manage right?

Well, I was wrong - very wrong. I would later exhaust myself with hundreds of onboarding and training calls (sometimes in a day). Then, all of these people, because I was spending so much time on the property locator hiring, I didn't have time to train them effectively and as a result, I didn't get even one real lead from their efforts.  


Which meant I couldn't remove myself from the driving for dollars process and would have to start spending hours driving again.

As you can imagine, I was pretty frustrated by this point, but I wasn't ready to give up on my dream of making this process easier and impacting the lives of other investors.

Then I Discovered The Virtual Property Locator Blueprint

Then...the idea hit me like a bolt of lightning.

I discovered the "virtual property locator blueprint" and at that point, everything changed!

I finally figured out how to:

  • Streamline the process and handle any number of Property Locators that wanted to sign up without getting overwhelmed
  • ​Recruit those property locators without having to talk to a single person (instead of me spending HOURS on the phone)
  • ​And completely automate the training, removing me from that entire process and structure a "win-win" for all parties

As a result...I was able to:

  • Claim my time back and focus on growing my business
  • ​Massively increase the number of leads I was getting from this lead source and scale my business
  • Help other people discover how to remove themselves from the driving for dollars process and bring in more leads than ever before

Pretty awesome right?

Back when I was doing the driving I would probably secure a handful of leads a week, but nothing really consistent...and training Property Locators was a real headache.

However...when I implemented this system it allowed me to recruit over 1,000 Property Locators, bring in over 2,000 property leads, and all without driving to a single house!

Now I'm living my dream of making the driving for dollars process easier and impacting the lives of other investors and I never have to worry about burning myself out driving for dollars or wasting time with unmotivated property finders ever again.

And that's why I'm so passionate about FlipTEAM™ so you can experience making the driving for dollars process easier too!

My BIG Takeaways From Outsourcing Driving For Dollars

When I stopped driving for dollars and outsourced that task, I experienced more freedom, and more focus and became more efficient. Not to mention, that it gave me the "slight edge" in my market and allowed me to sidestep the competition to get access to leads and deals the competition didn't have access to.

So my question to you is, if you took all of the time that you are spending driving for dollars and applied that time to growing your business...what could you accomplish?

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