Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant...Like Now...

Many real estate investors think that the number one way to do more deals is to spend more on marketing, but in reality, it's something else entirely. In fact, if you invest more in marketing before hiring a virtual assistant, then I'm telling you that you will not like the business you create.

An assistant helps you let go of your weak areas so you can focus all of your time on your strengths. Letting others handle the areas that you might not be as strong, in so you can focus on where you excel will not only free up your time but you will also make more money and be much happier along the way.

Before you can experience the growth that you desire you must let of N.I.P.A.'s or "Non-Income Producing Activities".

Example Tasks to Outsource To a Virtual Assistant

Here is an example of N.I.P.A.'s:

  • Pulling marketing lists
  • ​Skiptracing lists
  • ​Organizing data inside excel spreadsheets
  • ​Managing your email - making sure important messages don't fall through the cracks
  • Communicating with Title companies
  • ​Launching marketing campaigns
  • ​Creating marketing reports
  • ​Responding to inquiries about properties
  • ​Cold calling sellers
  • ​Launching direct mail campaigns
  • ​Responding to emails
  • ​Responding to Craigslist & Facebook marketplace messages
  • ​Find missing opportunities in your CRM
  • ​Manage your calendar
  • ​Research new marketing channels/software
  • ​Vette potential new candidates
  • ​Take over any other non-income producing activities
  • ​and much more!

This is just a small list of what a qualified Virtual Assistant can do for you! Imagine how much free time you could have if you outsourced half of the items above! As a real estate investor, you should be spending your time either talking with sellers or fighting to get in front of sellers and then outsourcing the rest. If you are more advanced and have a team you oversee, the primary goal of any assistant you bring on is to free up your time so you can focus on what really moves the needle in your business.

The Safest Way To Hire a Virtual Assistant

The safest way to hire an assistant is to use sites like Upwork.com or fiverr.com. Upwork and Fiverr are like market places for Virtual Asisstants and they are both great for different reasons. Upwork is great for finding administrative Virtual Assistants. Fiverr is great for one-time projects. On Upwork, you can offer hourly pay for ongoing work or fixed pay for a one-time project. Fiverr is pretty neat because all projects start out at just $5 and then go up from there, so that's why I prefer Fiverr for one-time projects over Upwork. However, for more advanced projects, such as web design, I would lean more towards Upwork.

Both of these platforms are super safe because the entire transaction is done on the platforms and has protections in place for buyers. You can rate the candidates using a star system and leave real-time feedback on their results. If an issue ever comes up, which is rare, then you can contact support and they will make sure the issue gets resolved and you are taken care of.

How To Hire a Virtual Assistant On Upwork

Create a free account and post a job ad for the position you are seeking on the platform and within hours, you will have multiple people applying for the job. I always recommend shortlisting the top 3 and interviewing them. Next, hire the candidate you like the most through the platform and start outsourcing!

How To Hire a Virtual Assistant On Fiverr

Create a free account and do a search for the type of project you are looking to complete. Next, choose a freelancer based upon star ratings, reviews and their portfolio of work. You can even ask questions to the reps ahead of hiring them if you have more questions around what they included or for custom pricing.

In Summary...Hiring a Virtual Assistant Can Create Freedom!

If you want to create more freedom in your life, so you can have more time for the things that matter most, then hiring a Virtual Assistant could be your next big breakthrough!

To Your Success,

- Chris Logan

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