I have to tell you; there isn't a feeling quite like sitting on a beach, toes in the sand, and getting notifications that deals are closing and wires are being sent to your bank account.  It's pretty sweet...but it wasn't always like this, and there were 3 things we needed to put in place to get here. In today's blog post, I will share these 3  things and how you can seamlessly and effortlessly close deals like this anywhere in the world!

First, The Benefit of Vacations

Aside from being just plain fun, did you know there are scientific benefits of vacations? They are proven to rewire your brain, boost creativity, boost positive energy and prevent depression, but why don't enough entrepreneurs do it?

It's simple - they are committed to the grind. Grinding is the act of working an unsustainable schedule for an undetermined amount of time and only leads to burnout.

The last thing I will say about the benefit of vacations is to plan them, or they will never happen. Many people say, "But Chris, I'll go on a vacation if I reach this goal or "If my business gets to ______ point, I will go on vacation," but you know what? It never happens, and the long-term effects of lying to yourself have greater consequences than you know.

So, here's my advice - plan your vacations at the beginning of the year and work your business around them. Planning them ahead of time gives your brain something positive to look forward to, and then grinding for a bit becomes OK because there is an end in sight.

Can You Really Wholesale Houses While On Vacation?

The photo below was taken at a private island we were chartered to, spent the day grilling food, and took some time to relax. It was peaceful, beautiful, and an amazing place, meanwhile properties were going under contract, and deals were getting sold. Pretty cool, right?

Three Pillars of Wholesaling Houses While On Vacation

I. People

The number one thing you need, arguably the most important, is the right people. It would be best if you had people on your team that you could trust to handle leads while you are away. The team below is the minimal team that you will need to do this (and as a side note, this is also the order in which you will want to hire first):

1.) Admin / Marketing Assistant - this person handles all tasks such as uploading new lists, skip-tracing properties, running new marketing campaigns, etc. All of the manual work must be done to ensure your team will have leads consistently. Not enough people outsource this position first, and this is a HUGE time saver when done right. For a more detailed view of what a Virtual Assistant can do for your life and business, check out my other article, "The Safest And Easiest Way To Hire a Virtual Assistant".


2.) Acquisitions Manager - this person talks with the sellers, qualifies them, and is responsible for getting properties under contract.  For this position, you may want to check out another post on my blog "How to Hire an Acquisition Manager".

3.) Disposition Manager - builds relationships with buyers so they can sell the properties that Acquisitions get under contract. Disposition Managers will also see the property through to the closing.

II. Systems

The next thing that you are going to need is the systems that help your people do their jobs well. This can be a CRM where you'll store leads to ensure proper follow-up, a simple phone system for making and receiving calls, and lead systems such as FlipTEAM.io to ensure you always have your pipeline filled with quality motivated seller leads. If you would like to learn more about FlipTEAM, there's a free training I am doing this week, but more on that in a minute.

III. Processes

You can scale many things, but random activity is not one of them. - Chris Logan  

Lastly, you are going to need scripts, marketing, and selling processes to ensure things are done the same way every single time for every single transaction - this is key.  Random activity is not scalable. However, predictable and proven systems are, and that will create the freedom that you desire!

In Summary

Once you have the right people, systems, and processes, the sky is the limit! This will not happen overnight and will take time to build; however, the key is that you are working towards something meaningful, and the result is worth it. I feel many wholesalers begin their journey with this lifestyle in mind but lose their focus in the grind. You can avoid this from happening to you by being intentional with your time and setting realistic goals. Always begin with the end in mind, build your business to serve you, not the other way around, and always remember TEAMS equal freedom. So in summary, focus on putting the 3 things above in place and growing a team (you can't do it all on your own). Lastly, plan your vacations at the beginning of the year, actually go on them and RELAX. Unplug :-). Trust me you will thank me later.

See you on the beaches of the world,

- Chris Logan

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