How To Find Phone Numbers of Sellers

The first thing you need to find the phone numbers of sellers is a quality skip-tracing service.  This is exactly what we provide with our latest InstantSKIP™ upgrade to the game-changing lead generation software FlipTEAM™, but more on that later.

Most people don't know this but all skip-tracing companies are not created equally.  There are many factors to consider such as...

1. The type of data they get (regulated vs. non-regulated)

2. The type of information they provide (Phone numbers, emails, etc.)

3. The reach rate for the data (we'll cover this later in the post)

4. Bad number rate

5. And lastly, how fast they deliver the data to you after purchase

How to Tell a Good Skiptracing Company From a Bad Skiptracing Company

There isn't such a thing as a "bad skip-tracing company" unless they don't deliver what you pay for. Most skip-tracing companies are good, but there can be many reasons why to choose one over another.

One of the biggest mistakes investors make is choosing one over the other solely based on price. In most cases, the more you pay for the data, the higher the quality, and the less you pay for the data, the lower the quality. In short, when it comes to skip-tracing, you get what you pay for. There are rare cases where this logic doesn't apply, but again those are rare cases.

If you are paying a premium for skip-tracing, you'll want to make sure that you get added value in addition to just phone numbers.

Great skip-tracing providers most often will provide things like email addresses in addition to just the phone numbers, which help you get a hold of sellers much faster than solely relying on a phone call.

With the InstantSKIP™ upgrade to the FlipTEAM™ marketing software, we provide a heck of a lot more than just a phone number and email addresses. You'll get access to data like...

- Zestimate Value

- Vacant Y/N

- Absentee Y/N

- Ownership Type

- Occupancy Status (Yes, we can even tell if there are squatters claiming rights to a property 🤯)

- Property Quality (Last known condition)

- Property Appraiser and Tax Assessor Information

- Last Sale Info

- Mortgage Info

- Loan to Value

- Number Identification (Landline or Mobile) This is HUGE!

- Top 3 Phone Numbers

- DNC Identification & Blocking

- Litigator Identification & Blocking

- Top 3 Emails

- Last known mailing address

...And much more!! All of these things are designed to help you save time and reach sellers FASTER!

Next, where the rubber meets the road is the reach rate for sellers. A good skip-tracing provider should have a minimum reach rate of 50% or greater when calling on this data.

When you buy cheap, low-quality, unregulated data, you will typically get stuck with a 30% reach rate or even less...

This might sound a bit complex but reach rate is just the percentage of sellers you come from the numbers you call. For instance, if I only got 10% of the correct people from the numbers I dialed, I would have a 10% reach rate. If 7 out of the ten people I called on were the valid number, I would have a 70% reach rate.

Lastly is the bad number rate. Only 10-15% or less of the numbers you call should be classified as bad.  So what exactly is a bad number? If you are calling a lead and the seller's name is John Smith, but the person who picks up is Scott Johnson, who does not know a John Smith, that would be considered a bad number.

If your bad number rate is higher than that, then you might want to reconsider where you are getting your data from.

How To Get The Most Accurate Information For Your Leads In 5 Minutes or Less

So we have covered a lot about skip-tracing, but the last area to cover is how quickly providers get you the information. Most skip-tracing companies take hours or even days and sometimes up to a week to append phone numbers to your data.

For that reason, most people choose InstantSKIP™ when it comes to appending phone numbers for their driving for dollars leads. For all of our FlipTEAM™ members, we provide accurate skip-tracing with the click of a button.

With the power of InstantSKIP at your fingertips, you can have the seller information you need right when you need it. Forget waiting hours, days, or even a week to get the information you need. All it takes is a little less than 5 minutes, and you'll have all the information you need to make the best offer possible.

With FlipTEAM™ and InstantSKIP™ you'll get...

- Less than 15% bad number rates...

- 50% or greater seller reach rates

- Information at record-breaking speeds (5 minutes or less)

I recorded a quick video showing you this amazing tool in action, so watch the video below now and let me know what you think!

- Chris

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