The 2 Essential Parts of Follow-Up: Automation + Effective Lead Management

The first thing you are going to need to make sure no lead gets left behind is automation. When a new lead comes in, if for some reason you or your team misses the call, then you need to have some type of automation that takes place where an email or text gets sent to keep the seller engaged. It can be something as simple as "Hi, in a meeting, I just saw I missed your call. How can I help you?"

When you end a follow-up message with a question, the seller is more likely to engage with you and, as a result, make it easier to get them back on the phone, so you can convert the lead. You can easily accomplish this using services like Zapier and Twilio. However, if you want this done for you, you should check out and how you can set up custom follow-up sequences that automatically go out to the seller once a new property record is skip-traced. You can see how we do it here.

How To Follow Up On Wholesale Real Estate Leads

I tell my team all the time, "at any given moment, I should be able to pull a random person off the street, have them look at a lead in our CRM, and instantly know what the next step in the follow-up process is with that lead. Guess what? If that person wouldn't able to figure it out, then the follow-up process is not clear enough. Does that sound simple enough? I am telling you, poor pipeline management kills more deals than anything else.

Here is an example of a clean follow-up process:

- 08/01: Called Seller, no response. Left voicemail. Call back later today.

- (Task set for follow-up later that day)
- 08/01: Called Seller, answered, asked me to call back later this evening at 7:00 PM EST.
- (Task reminder set for follow-up later that day at 7:00 PM EST)

- 08/01: Spoke with Seller and made an offer. He needs the weekend to discuss it with his family. Calling back on Monday 08/08 @ 10:30 AM EST

- (Task reminder set for follow-up on Monday at 10:30 AM EST to finalize offer and contract)

See how clear that follow-up process is? At any given time, you could pull someone in off the street, and they could tell you what's next with this lead. This might seem too simple or overboard on documentation, but I am telling you that it works! It's the simple stuff like this that moves the needle in a BIG way!

In Summary

Follow-up does not have to be complicated, but for some reason, many people make it that way. All you need is simple automation that takes over if you are not available or if your team misses a call, then an outreach plan for getting the seller back on the phone as quickly as possible. Remember, TIME kills all deals!

To Your Success,

- Chris Logan

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